Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Boston Spaceships - Zero To 99 - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Boston Spaceships

Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Zero To 99


Indie / Psychedelic / Post punk


Dayton, Ohio

United States

Boston Spaceships

Zero To 99

This Selection

Is American Rock N' Roll!

A smooth helping of 1970's

blended with Excellent Guitar

And Superb Vocals.

The Lyrics are fun!

My Favorites

"Question Girl All Right"

"The Comedian"

"Radical Amazement"

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Band Members

ROBERT POLLARD (Guided By Voices)

CHRIS SLUSARENKO (Guided By Voices, Takeovers, Svelt, Sprinkler)

JOHN MOEN (Perhapst, Decemberists, Stephen Malkmus/Jicks, Elliott Smith, Dharma Bums)


Guests include

Peter Buck (R.E.M.)

Tommy Keene

Sam Coomes (Quasi)

Scott McCaughey (Minus 5)

Kaitlyn Ni Donovan

Jay Martin.

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