Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ferris Wheel - Constellation Of Tombs - Mark Fisher's Music Review

Ferris Wheel

Mark Fisher's Pick

For The Day

Constellation Of Tombs

Madness / Punkified Electronic / Psychobilly Disco



Ferris Wheel

Constellation Of Tombs

This Selection is Flying Out,

Straight Down To Hell

and Then Some.

A Favorite when madness

is needed to get through

The Day!

Engineer Ferris

Has pulled many tricks

out of his hat

To make these tracks

very memorable.

Check my

for my playlist of

This Wonderful

And Brilliant Work

"Winter The Satan"

is an example of

pure scary genius,

A Wild instrumentals

with Wicked laughing

spooky buggers

and Witches hackling

finalized with lighting strike.

Remember These Tracks Are In Russian

Don't mind, they are Not Boring!

Very Enjoyable

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Triple Russian Insurance

No problem!

Final Thought:

These tracks have been

in my library for

a few years and

they are GREAT!

Make sure to get

"Scream in 10th key"

and "Naked Naked".

© Mark Fisher 2009

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