Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chervil - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day - Chervil Special Edition


Chervil Special Edition EP


Alternative / Pop / Rock


Dresden, Sachsen


Chervil Special Edition EP

This group has been

has been working some

very interesting tracks

to a polished Music.

The Vocals Of Paula

are Remarkably Different.

She has the ability to stretch

notes in way that has not

been heard, powerful and at

the same time very feminine.

The Harmonies from the other members

support her performance.

The Guitar work some times reflects

the 1960's and then the late 1970's,

The riffs were well executed.

Excellent Musicianship

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Final Remark

The EP is very much

superb collection

of Hard Work.

Remember This Is Pop

Music with a little Twist.

The Group is working

on a New Release,

to be out soon.

Cheers On You!!!

© Mark Fisher 2009

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