Saturday, December 5, 2009

Halo Effect - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day - It Was Nothing (Remixes) EP

Halo Effect

Mark Fisher's Music Pick For The Day

It Was Nothing


Electronica / New Wave / Industrial


[Ion011] Halo Effect – It Was Nothing (Remixes)

This selection

Has Major Variations and

Changes on the mixing.

The Vocals are very Strong

well executed and Blended.

Remember, This is the same

Track Nine Times.

It is not going to be Boring!

The Versions are all over the place.

This may become a mainstay

in the club scene.

Excelled Sound Quality

makes listening pleasure

that Much Better!

Great Work Guys!

The Members

John Peverieri (voice, lyrics)

Alessandro Polinori (keyboards, synth&program, backing vocals)

Federico Rosi (keyboards, synth&program)

Marco Cattani (guitar, keyboards, synth&program)

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Final Remark

These tracks

of the same song

have a great of impact.

It will be Hard to Choose

The exact favorite.

Cheers On You!

© Mark Fisher 2009

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