Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Arrow Down Hill - PROMISE HAPPY ENDING - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Arrow Down Hill

(Philip Roark)

Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day


Music Classification

Experimental / Industrial / Other

I have listened to his Tracks

for about since early 2008

His motto ;

I will stop at nothing.

For Example


is a 7 minute plus track

that takes you over the edge.

His My Space Page

Click  Here

His Influences :

Failure, lost hope, fires,

bad days, war, evil politicians,

black hearts, cronyism,

selfishness, selflessness, dependencies,

sadness, love, hate.

Band Website

The music can be over the top,

that is what makes it.

Click  Here

If there is a problem with the link


Philip Roark

This email address


Hope you take the time to download and listen.

Double Cheers!

© Mark Fisher 2009

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E-Mail to; firststampmultimedia@yahoo.com

Website; http://web.me.com/markfishernyc1

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