Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hum (UK) - The Saddest Clown - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Hum (UK)

Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

The Saddest Clown

Vocals play a large part

In what we pick for

for listening.

Words Can Be Important!

I found the this collection of tracks

The Saddest Clown

Gaia (Remix)

Love Not Hate

Spirit Dream

Even On The Greyest Days

Just Try (live)

The Ride (live)

The Buzz



The tracks run

Folk through Trance.

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Inside info on Musician

I've been writing songs for twenty two years now and sold many albums while busking on the streets of Britain. I started when I was 15 but had classical training from an early age. I have played with Hawkwind on the travellers circuit as a guest and have played La Scala in Italy. I love to make peoples hair stand on end when I sing and if I can make someone happier with my music then I will die a happy man. My claim to fame is refusing a record deal with Virgin Records, and I'm bloody glad I did. I organise a semi acoustic open mic session called Rattle and Hum, every monday night at 7.30 we meet at The Globe, Newtown, in Exeter, Devon England and play for 4 hours or til our fingers and throats go raw.Some of the most incredible songwriters and musicians come to this venue and some have travelled hundreds of miles to play. Its free to get in and you get 3 songs or 15 minutes and we get to enjoy. I compere, do all the mixing and set the whole thing up and get immense satisfaction out of it.


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