Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tot Licht - In Fear Of The Light - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Tot Licht

Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

In Fear Of The Light

Gothic mix with Late 80's

Alternative Feel.

The origins of this group

are from the Italian Punk Scene.

Music Electronic based


The Bauhaus

Joy Division

area of music.

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Tot Licht are a Darkwave duo

established in 2006

composed of LoverMorkt (all music)

and Lou Roumble Lowson (male vox)

They introduce their third studio work

The Tot Licht EP In the Dead Light

with the same reason that have always been driven

to create a frozen and sharp world

a filthy and seductive cage in which

to lock oneself up to listen to

what reaches ears; but this time they do so

with more awareness of their sound

which is certainly denser and less spare

without altering the sensations

aroused in the listener

Do get lost with us in this ghost dark town

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