Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Sea - It's All About Our Silence - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

The Black Sea

Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

It's All About Our Silence


Ambient / Metal / Experimental


Curitiba, Paraná

The Black Sea

Nice Raw Experimentation

Vocals are Screamo toned down in

in this production.

Heavier on the guitar,

excellent spinning riffs

drifting through

the vocals.

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Portuguese to English translation

Imagine when it is all a dream.

Your feet float and you do not know where to walk.

Your heart beats strong and nothing affects you

nothing you deprive or oppress.

Breathing is not necessary

your lungs are full of hope.

The eternal smile, the look eternal

the first to see the truth.

That's when everything becomes perfect

and hear the silence.

Thereafter the lightness and weight

becomes arise because of this.

When you open your eyes

you are no longer the same

and the world becomes your walk.

Oblivious to all

his dream still exists in a tiny part

but makes you get up every day.

Cheer On You!

© Mark Fisher 2009

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