Friday, November 27, 2009

Color TV - Color TV Album Release - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Color TV

Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Color TV Album Release


Electronica / Minimalist / Freestyle


São Paulo

Color TV

These tracks are cool

chill type sounding

with some edge...

Melodies wrapped

with superb sound

clips from old films

(Subject TV)

And Nice vocals.

For Color TV

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About Color TV

Color TV’s self-titled debut album

mixes ambient music

and idm layers

to downtempo

Detroit techno


old school electro

and even rap/dubstep

in a track that features the British grime artist Infecta

while keeping it whole through looped glitches

AM radio samples

and TV static.

The album is a semi-live homemade recording

by André Z.P., a Brazilian musician

who’s been toying with electronic music

since the year 2000.

Back then, he used to blend loose music

fragments together with distorted samples

and guitar feedback in a Pentium I

personal computer.

Over time, things have gotten better

and culminated on this release

which features 15 tracks and 5 computer

wallpapers as packaging

designed by Rafael Nascimento.

André Z.P. is also the man

behind the folk/electronica project Black Barn Music

and the chiptune project Pulselooper.


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