Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Paranoid Monkeys - Fear - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

The Paranoid Monkeys

Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day


I found this band on My Space,

Two Years Ago.

Had them post their

music on

Fear is very unique...

for the way it is assembled.

An audio clip from "Network" is

used for maximum impact.

Give it a listen or Download it.
Click  Here


The Paranoid Monkeys

Consist of

Rob Monkey: Lead Vocals (Guitar, Song writing)

Gus Black: Bass (Backing Vocals)

David McNeill: Lead Guitar (Backing Vocals)

Jamie Henry: Drums (Backing Vocals)

[DaveJackson] David Jackson: Rhythm Guitar (Keys, Synth)

My Space Page.

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Cheers On You!

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