Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Clockwork Radio - Raw Tracks - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Clockwork Radio

Fisher's Pick For The Day

Harmony Guitar Song

I have been listening to these guys

since Late 2006

With a Track Called

Acoustic One Instrumental

Well Put together.

Great Instrumental!

Can't really remember

Perhaps, My Space!

Here is their My Space Page

Click  Here

Treasures To Be Found there.

Here is a Raw Track


Harmony Guitar Song

Excellent Vocals

The Melody is very catchy

I keep you Up to date!

Click  Here

I had contact with Rich Williams

More is coming together!

Cheers On You!!!

© Mark Fisher 2009

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E-Mail to; firststampmultimedia@yahoo.com

Website; http://web.me.com/markfishernyc1

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