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Txarly Usher - Canciones Asesinas - Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Txarly Usher

Mark Fisher's Pick For The Day

Canciones Asesinas

Melodramatic Popular Song

Txarly Usher Has

His Own Sound

His Vocals Are Spanish.

The Melodies Are Something To Remember.

The Tracks Are Filled


I suggest "Sombras en la luna"

"Shadows On The Moon"

You Will See Why!!!

How about the cover of

David Bowie's "Starman"

Click  Here

Words About The Musician By The Musician:

My first band was "The House of Usher" was formed in 1987 we recorded a demo and an ep "obsession" with 4 tracks, gave many concerts and the group disbanded in 1994, ten years later in 2004 Halloween we gather to give a concert on time, the experience is magical and recommence the project with the whole idea of recording classical repertoire, in 2006 we recorded the CD "back home" leaving embodied the history of the band. We present this album in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao ... closed phase in other Halloween 2006 with a tour of the country that know how to celebrate better days for the dead ... Mexico, turns out to be the travel and tour more special in the history of the band. / lacasausher formed in 1994 "wers" group that recorded a CD "wers" published by the Madrid label "rotorecords" many concerts, some local prize band dissolved in 1996. After wers part of an acoustic rock project under the name "Broken Toys" by which we published a self-produced CD. In 1998 between a part in one of the best powerpop bands I've ever known "Daisy Cutters" of Erandio (Bizkaia) came from winning the contest city of Bilbao in the Basque country section best band and recorded a minicd "dual" and a master that was never published, unfortunately, the band worked very well for a few years and is perhaps the best memories I keep the intensity, authenticity and great sense of humor and passion of its components .. Authentic R & R. Such passion can not last too long and the group disbanded in 2002, then with Juani (bassist of Daisy Cutters) and Carlos Creator (famous rock guitarist and producer of state) assemble a draft experimentation, enclosing two weeks in a house Logroño with computers, instruments and drugs shaping "Lased" group with which we signed for the label Basque "Oihuka" and released two albums "Sweet scratch" in 2003 and "Bilbao wakes up" in 2005, this work may be of which I am prouder level recording, production and composition, is where is demonstrated best experience to date. Lased dissolves in the summer of 2005. After the Mexican tour "Circus of the Moon" with The House of Usher in November 2006, I am building an authentic band afterpunk in the XXI century, the mission was not easy work, could only be performed with authentic superantiheroes, so I get in touch with the two best characters he had met during my adventures ... Nando Fausto and Hugo Zombie, will join the project immediately and one month sees the light of the group The Northern Butchers "three freaks lokos that honor the punk and postpunk blow your favorite movie ... Dr. Caligari, the day of the dead ..., nosferatu, the glow ... and so "13 knife" which is presented throughout 2007, in direct exciting, visceral and violent where proceeds tend to struggle to pay it shattered, and the wounds they remind me of the bolus for days, returning to revive the freshness and strength of the old days. / prepare loscarnicerosdelnorte While a handful of songs with a record opposite, where my world more intimate release, "Songs killer ...


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